Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense Fast!

Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense Fast

Free Download Udemy Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense Fast!. With the help of this course you can Learn to Protect Yourself Fast with Krav Maga.

This course was created by . It was rated 4.799868 out of 5 by approx 29 ratings. There are approx 192 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 216 mins on-demand video, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What will I need?

  • No previous experience required

Is this course right for me?

  • Men and Women over 18
  • Anyone who want to learn how to Protect Themselves Fast

What am I going to learn?

  • How to Avoid being selected as Victim
  • How to Deter and Attacker and Prevent Assault
  • How to Position yoursself when threatended
  • How to Escape from Grabs with the Arms Free and Pinned
  • How to Strike in your Own Defence
  • How to escape from Chokes
  • How to fight close in

Join our in-person Real  ” Person”  12 Module Self Defense Course

We have been teaching Krav Maga for Self defence for 15  years

We believe for self-defense to be effective it needs to be learned fast, easy to remember and work under pressure for most people, which is why we have developed our unique course which has been taken thousands of people in person.

Based down a laneway in Dublin, Ireland, Patrick Cumiskey has been teaching everyday normal people to protect themselves full time for more than 15 years, during this time he developed a simple approach to teaching normal people to protect themselves fast using essential Krav Maga concepts.

If you can’t make it to his in person, you can now take the course online.

You can ‘join’ in a course and get the same lessons and insight as those attend the course.

To make this course available 2 cameramen tracked a full 2-day course and which was then edited it down to the essentials for you to watch, learn and follow along with. There is no ‘staging’ or retakes so you get the course as it is delivered in real life.

The course is taught in 12 modules  Each module builds on the previous module step by step,  over the 12 modules you will develop a practical, useful and simple self-defence system deal with common stand up self-defence threats.

We recommend you grab a partner and follow along with one module at a time, watch the module and following along with the exercises and drills.

The course starts off in Module 1 by giving you a key grounding in avoiding being selected as a victim and how to strike and escape, it then moves on to more difficult and complicated scenarios integrating ideas with ever module.

Module 1

“Winning beforehand”,

Predator Psychology and Avoiding Victim Selection

A simple “Hands up” rule that changes everything

The No Trip Wire and Voice Escalation

Striking Fas to Escape

Module 2

Escaping Headlocks

Escape from Front Grab – Arms Pinned

Integration Drills

Becoming the Attacker

Attacking at different Levels

Module 3

Dealing with the Scuffle,

Techniques as Hurdles

Escaping from a Grab Behind with your arms Free

Escaping from an Arm Drag

Desensitising you to Violence

Linking Techniques

Introducing Stress Drills

Be worse than the attacker

Module 4

Escaping Grab from Behind with Arms Pinned

Using your Knees as Weapons

  • Generating Power

  • Kneeing on a Low Line

Changing Weapons and Height

Integrating Techniques

“Save the Pad’ Exercise

Techniques as Obstacles

Module 5

Escape from the Front

  • Wedge Defence

  • Slapping, Ripping and Pinching

“Knock Knock” Escape

Escape from the front grab  Arms Pinned

Choke Release ‘- Avoiding relying on Strength

Module 6

Chokes from Different Angles

Choke Release as one Move – Pluck and Hit Principal

Escaping with Chokes when pinned to a wall

Multiple Choking Drill

Technique Integration

Techniques are not ‘clean’

Plucking ..Why you do not need too many techniques

Hicks Law

Module 7

Focus on Elbows as a Weapon

Alternating Weapons

Blast forward… put the attacker on the Back Foot

Stabbing Elbow

Blasting for Self Defence – Quick to Learn, Easy to Remember

Inbuilt protection

Diagonal Elbow

Your Attack is your Defence

Blast to Escape …”we don’t want to be here! not a sparring session”

Module 8

Escaping rear-naked choke: Part 1

Hammer strike to the base of the brain

“Pluck” as a tactic

Understanding the Fantasy Response

Tucking the Chin

Inside Defence

3 on 1 Choke Drill

Module 9

Rear Naked Choke Part 2 – Outside Escape

Practising Both Rear Naked Choke Escapes

Arms Pinned: Close in Tactics

  • Shin Hacking

  • Creating Space

  • Finger Ripping

  • Ripping and Tearing at the groin

  • OpenING space for other attacks

  • Leverage Elbow- to freehand and attack

Integration Drills: High-Pressure Drills

Being the coach and stretching your partners

Module 10


Biting and the Biting Game

The Finger Game

Biting, Finger and Pinching Game

Extreme Close Quarter Fighting

Fighting to Live

When you are Attacked ..your whole  life is attacked

Growling like a Wild Animal

Tearing, Gouging using all close quarter weapons

Will up you get Hurt more for fighting?

The efficacy of Self Defence

Module 11

Extreme Close Quarter / Ferociousness Continued

Right Tactic Right Range

XCQ – hands to Face Drill

Cheap Suit Drill

Shielding Defence Against Punching

4 Man Drill – Blasing, Escapes, XCQ

Module 12

Round-Up – Putting it all together

Focus on Essential Skills

Train Module by Module

Combatives Mindset

Awareness/Space Management

Activating Self Defence Mindset

Having a Plan.. Think about coming Home

The No Trip Wire

Simple Striking Model: Palms Elbows, Knees + XQC

Chokes- Pluck Escape
Self Defence Mindset and Ferociousness are key

How to get the most out of this course.

Free Download Udemy’s Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense Fast!

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