Long term stock investing with Covered call and Put writing

Long term stock investing with Covered call and Put writing

Free Download Udemy Long term stock investing with Covered call and Put writing. With the help of this course you can Coverd call, Collar, Put writing, Right entry price , stock trading, Option selling, LEAPS, Hedging, Call buying/selling.

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What will I need?

  • Basic understanding option buying and selling
  • Option greek- Delta

Is this course right for me?

  • Long term Stock investors,
  • Traders
  • Futures and Options traders
  • People who want to do hedging

What am I going to learn?

  • Long term stock investing with Covered call
  • poor man’s covered call
  • Covered call with stocks, options and Futures
  • Collar strategy for hedging
  • Put writing/selling for entry in the stock at desired price
  • How to manage covered call
  • Strike price selection in covered call and collar
  • Key metrics of covered call
  • Pay-off diagram of covered call
  • Short term trade with covered call
  • When to use covered call and collar

To be a successful long term investor stock selection, right entry price and how to manage the trade when there are ups and downs in the stock price. Even though people use options for speculation, the main purpose of options is to help the stock investor in protecting his investment through options hedging.

In this course I have explained “How to leverage stock holding to get additional income and reduction of cost price using Covered call strategy“. I have covered how to form covered call strategy using

  • Stocks

  • Long term options

  • Futures

In case of fears about stock fall in the short term how to manage the stock holding without selling using “Collar strategy”.

One of major the decision in stock investing is when to buy the stock. Rather than waiting for the stock to fall  one can use “Put writing/selling” to buy stocks  at lower price. I have covered this topic with some historical data.

The aim this course is to help you in understanding how stocks and options can be used together to reduce holding cost of stocks,  how to protect your stock holding during volatile times and how to enter at a right price.

Anybody who has basic understanding of  options and Delta(option greek) and want to invest in stocks for long term can enroll for this course.

Free Download Udemy’s Long term stock investing with Covered call and Put writing

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