Microservices with Spring Cloud

Microservices with Spring Cloud

Free Download Udemy Microservices with Spring Cloud. With the help of this course you can A Practical Guide.

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What will I need?

  • Professionals of having 2+ years of experience in Java with beginner knowledge of Spring
  • Basic Knowledge of Maven 2
  • Eclipse IDE

Is this course right for me?

  • Professionals who want to learn microservice architecture and want to build distributed application using it

What am I going to learn?

  • Build proficiency in Solution development using Microservices based architecture
  • Build thought process to migrate existing monolithic architecture into microservices based architecture
  • Implementation of Microservices using Spring Boot
  • Configuration of Spring Cloud Configuration Server with encryption of sensitive properties
  • Learning of Netflix Eureka Discovery Server
  • Implementation of the resiliency strategies using Hystrix
  • Implementation of a service gateway with your Microservices using Netflix Zuul
  • Understanding of the Tracing mechanism using Sleuth and Zipkin and Turbine Stream

This course is designed for the Java/Spring developer who want to gain hands-on experience of how to build Microservice based applications. This course is aligned with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud project.

After this course, you will become an asset to any organization, helping leverage best practices around Microservice based Cloud solutions.

You will gain skills which will give you confidence to be a part of team working on new solution development or the migration of existing monolithic applications to cloud based solution with Microservice architecture style.

The Practical Guide: Step-By-Step

Section 1: Getting Started

       Lecture#1: Course Introduction

       Lecture#2:  Course Structure

       Lecture#3:  Why this course is relevant to you?

Section 2: Microservices- The Basics

       Lecture#4: What is Microservice?

       Lecture#5: Characteristics of Microservice Architecture?

       Lecture#6: Benefits of Microservice Architecture?

       Lecture#7: Why we choose spring cloud in building Microservices?

       Lecture#8: When not to use Microservices?

Section 3: Use Case: Rest Services Implementation

       Lecture#9: Decomposing the Flight Booking Business into a set of Microservices

       Lecture#10: Setting UP Flight Schedule Service

       Lecture#11: Enhance the Flight Schedule Service

       Lecture#12: Setting Up Currency Conversion Service

       Lecture#13: Setting Up Flight Fare Service

       Lecture#14: Test Flight Fare Service

       Lecture#15: What Spring boot did behind the scene?

       Lecture#16: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Section 4:Control Configuration with Spring Cloud

       Lecture#17: Why we need centralization of configuration?

       Lecture#18: Setup the Spring Cloud Configuration Server

       Lecture#19: Manage configuration with Local file system

       Lecture#20: Manage configuration with GIT

       Lecture#21: Setup Configuration Client in our Microservices

       Lecture#22: Testing Configuration client

       Lecture#23: How to refresh the properties of the Microservice dynamically?

       Lecture#24: How to secure sensitive configuration properties?

       Lecture#25: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Section 5: Eureka Service Discovery

       Lecture#26: What is service discovery and why do we need it?

       Lecture#27: Setup Service Discovery using spring and Netflix Eureka

       Lecture#28: Register our service with Eureka Server

       Lecture#29: Setting up Cluster of Eureka Service Discover Servers

       Lecture#30: Service Lookup from Eureka Server using Eureka Client

       Lecture#31: Invoke Services using Ribbon BackedSpring Rest Template

       Lecture#32: Invoke Services using OpenFeign’s Feign Client

       Lecture#33: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Section 6: Routing with Spring Cloud and Netflix Zuul

       Lecture#34: Introduction to Service Gateways

       Lecture#35: Setup Service Gateway using Spring Cloud and Netflix Zuul API

       Lecture#36: Routes Configuration in Spring Cloud and Netflix Zuul

       Lecture#37: Custom Routes and its mapping with registered service in Eureka

       Lecture#38: Manual Routes configuration in Zuul Service gateway

       Lecture#39: What is Filters in Zuul?

       Lecture#40: Implement Authentication Filter (Zuul Pre-Filter)

       Lecture#41: Implement Response Audit Filter (Zuul Post-Filter)

       Lecture#42: Implement Intelligent Route Filter (Zuul Rout-Filter)

       Lecture#43: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Section 7: Client Resiliency with Spring Cloud and Netflix projects

       Lecture#44: Resiliency in the Microservice based Application – What and Why?

       Lecture#45: Implement Circuit Breaker in Flight Fare Service using annotation

       Lecture#46: Implement Circuit Breaker in Flight Schedule Service using configuration

       Lecture#47: Implement Fallback Strategy in Flight Schedule Service

       Lecture#48: Implement Bulkhead Strategy

       Lecture#49: How to fine tune Hystrix by some customization tweaks?

       Lecture#50: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Section 8: Distributed Tracing

       Lecture#51: Introduction

       Lecture#52: Implement Spring Cloud Sleuth to generate traces

       Lecture#53: Analyse the Sleuth Traces

       Lecture#54: Setting UP Zipkin Server

       Lecture#55: Integration of services with Zipkin Server

       Lecture#56: Understand the Traces in Zipkin UI

       Lecture#57: Setup Hystrix Dashboard and Turbine Cluster

       Lecture#58: Monitoring using Turbine Stream

       Lecture#59: Wrap Up

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