Milk Maker

Milk Maker

Free Download Udemy Milk Maker. With the help of this course you can Increase your milk supply in one weekend!.

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What will I need?

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Is this course right for me?

  • Breastfeed successfully without pain, low milk issue and anxiety

What am I going to learn?

  • Breastfeeding

All the scientifically-proven methods, tools, and knowledge breastfeeding moms must know to exponentially increase their milk supply.

Moms have thanked me for solving their single most NOTORIOUS problem…

Insufficient milk supply

Does this sound like you?

? “I feel disappointed in myself… I just can’t produce enough milk for my baby.”

? “Is my baby getting enough milk? Am I making enough? I really don’t know!”

? “I feel like I have no one around to help me with my struggles as a mom…I feel alone sometimes

I pump until it hurts but I still only get a few drops.”

? “My eye-bags are becoming LARGER! I barely get any sleep, my anxiety is through the roof!”

? “I’ll start working again SOON and I need to build a freezer stash… I’m so stressed!”

I get it. Your mom’s/neighbor’s advice doesn’t work on you.

Because the solutions that they gave do not acknowledge the main factor why you have insufficient milk supply.
What you need is professional guidance. Or else you might make it worse!
Yes, you can ask your lactation consultant… But it will take some trial and error to fix…
Meaning, repeated calls that cost $150 to $250 per hour… Not to mention, with their busy schedule, can you book a call right away?
Or you can also find information from Google… Which can take hours of searching to make sure it’s legit, it actually works, and not recycled solutions that your mom and neighbors already know.
You must make sure the information you get on the internet is from certified specialists… And not from “internet experts” or “mom gurus” who’s only experience is from reading other blogs.
It’s YOUR baby’s well-being we’re talking about… Please don’t trust random information you find on the internet.

Breastfeeding has multiple benefits for your baby but also for you!

✅ Enhanced immune system (preventing respiratory illnesses, episodes of diarrhea, ear infections)
✅ Decreased risk of asthma (Baby becomes less prone to asthma and allergies)
✅ Proper weight gain and less chance of obesity
✅ Enhanced neurodevelopment during infancy
Not only will your baby receive benefits…
✅ You’ll have lower risk of Postpartum Depression, Diabetes AND Breast Cancer
✅ Increased bonding with your baby
✅Get more sleep and have less anxiety.

But what if I tell you that as early as this weekend, this could be you:

“My baby looks content and happy. And that puts a smile on both our faces”
“I have more time to relax because I can pump efficiently and produce enough milk for storage.
“I can sleep so much better knowing that I have plenty of breastmilk to feed my baby ”
“Everytime I go to work, I feel confident because I left enough milk for my baby all throughout the day!
“I don’t worry if my baby is getting enough milk anymore”
…all in less time (and expense) than you spend with your OB or consultant and at the comfort of your own home.

Milk Maker Online Course

All the scientifically-proven methods, tools, and knowledge breastfeeding moms must know to exponentially increase your milk supply.
Milk Maker is a Mini Online Course. But don’t let the word mini deceive you.
It’s a content-packed course that is designed to help you increase your milk supply and provide knowledge that lets you know EXACTLY when your baby had enough milk like a PRO.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to..

  • Get that perfect latch – There are multiple reasons why it’s hard for some babies to latch. Different situations require different solutions. Find out what’s yours and say goodbye to nipple pain and engorgement

  • ​Pump like a Boss – Put an end to unfruitful pumping. Learn the proper ways to pump and find out the best method for you to produce enough milk for storage

  • ​Read the baby signs – Say farewell to anxiety and doubt. Imagine looking at your baby and knowing exactly when your baby is saying, “alright mom, I have enough milk for now.” Be confident that you are providing the right intake for your baby



Top 6 Secrets Every Breastfeeding Mom Must Know


MilkBusters and Red Flags


Top 3 ways to increase your milk production

Video 4

Galactagogues- lactation cookies, teas, supplements, and more…

Video 5

Build your freezer stash

  • Supply and Demand Loop – The most fundamental principle only medical experts know..

  • ​A Good Latch – The key to a make breastfeeding work

  • ​Waiting for the “Milk to Come In” – Colostrum and Mature Milk

  • ​Feeding and Sleeping Pattern – Get the most optimum sleep to prevent further stresses due to lack of sleep

  • Growth Spurts and Cluster Feeding – Know when to expect growth spurts and strategies for cluster feeding

  • ​A Guide to Bottles & Pacifiers – Expert techniques on when and how to use bottles and pacifiers.

Red Flags for a low milk intake or milk supply. See what are the common misconceptions on breastfeeding and the scientific explanations behind them like:

  • Soft breasts

  • ​Don’t feel the letdown

  • ​Not leaking

  • ​Cluster feeding

  • ​Pumping very little

  • ​Bottle after breastfeeding

  • ​Fussy baby

The easies and fastest way to build a freezer stash for your baby.

Take in the benefits of increased milk supply and get the knowledge you need to be confident in nursing your baby.

Say goodbye to worries and doubts!

Free Download Udemy’s Milk Maker


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