Real Filmmaking Online: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film

Real Filmmaking Online Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film

Free Download Udemy Real Filmmaking Online: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film. With the help of this course you can Learn the Art of Shooting “REAL” Film in the Real World. Take your filmmaking to new levels. Film School Online!.

This course was created by . It was rated 3.367972 out of 5 by approx 30 ratings. There are approx 1902 users enrolled with this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. This course also includes 317 mins on-demand video, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV & Certificate of Completion.

What will I need?

  • Basic Understanding of Filmmaking
  • A Want to learn more about shooting real film

Is this course right for me?

  • Filmmakers
  • Film Students
  • Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Indie Film Producers

What am I going to learn?

  • Shoot Super 16mm Film
  • Have a better understanding

Learn How to Shoot Super 16mm Film by Putting the FILM back into FILMMAKING!
Are you look for knowledge of how to shoot with actual film? Then Real Film School Online: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film is for you!

  • Do you want to learn how to wrk with celluloid?
  • Do you want to see how an Arri SR Super 16mm film camera work?
  • Do you want to learn how to prep a production that will be shooting Super 16mm film?
  • Do you want to Enroll NOW and start learn what it’s like to be a FILMmaker? Let’s get started?

They DON’T teach you this in Film School anymore!

Why the hell have you created an online Super 16mm Film Course? Because believe it our not there are a ton of television productions, feature films and indie films that are shooting on Super 16mm film. The need for education in the craft of shoot celluloid is great.

After getting many requests for this information instructors Alex Ferrari (Indie Film Hustle) and Egon Stephen Jr. (Cine Video Tech) decided to put together the DEFINITIVE Educational resource for anyone interested in shooting in Super 16mm film. Some of the productions that shooting film these days are:

  • The Magnificent Seven 
  • Westworld 
  • The Girl on the Train 
  • The Walking Dead 
  • Jack Reacher 
  •  Batman vs Superman 
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens 
  • Spectre 
  • The Hateful Eight 
  • Jurassic World 
  • Wonder Woman 
  • American Horror Story


And many more. Film is not dead, not by a long shot. In this masterclass you will learn:

• The History of Film
• 16mm vs Super 16mm
• History of 16mm Cameras: Old School
• History of Super 16mm Cameras: Arri SR Series
• Super 16mm Lenses: Choosing the Right One
• Camera Accessories: Pimping Out Your Camera Package
• Understanding Filmstocks
• Battle Planning: Shooting Film in the Real World
• How to Load a Film Magazine (Arri SR Series)
• Prepping Your Film for the Lab

You also have access to download a collection of camera forms, contracts, rental guides and more. If you are interested in shooting film this is course will set you on the way. 

Whether you are a film student, producer, director or cinematographer you will have a strong grasp of what is needed to shoot Super 16mm Film in today’s world. 

Let’s put the FILM back into FILMMAKING!


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course useless, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I’ll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.

Enroll NOW and turn your FILMmaking dream into a reality! Let’s get started!


About your instructors:

Egon Stephan Jr.

“Like father, like son” they always say, yet nowhere has this cliché been more true than when you apply it to the love of filmmaking shared between Egon and his father. Egon began his professional career at an early age, eventually running the camera rental department for his father at the ripe young age of sixteen!

After a six-year stint as the camera rental manager of CineVideoTech, he pursued his love for film in the field, running up an impressive list of credits. He worked his way up from technician to second assistant, second to first, first to operator, operator to second unit Director of Photography, second unit DP to Director of Photography on his first feature film, “Jungle Juice”, starring Christopher Walken, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Wagner and Rutger Hauer.

Shortly after this achievement, Egon’s father fell ill and his duty to continue the legacy his father had begun took precedence over his own successful career. He took over the helm at CineVideoTech in 2002 and has since been busy recreating the company that has launched so many successful careers into a vision of what is to come.


Alex Ferrari

Alex began his career as an editor and quickly moved up the ranks as a colorist, post production and visual effects supervisor. Coming from a visual effects/post production background, this versatile director combines his passion for storytelling and visual effects experience with a unique visual style. Alex exploded onto the indie film scene with his award winning short film BROKEN. The film went on to screen at over 200 international festivals and has been reviewed by over 250 news outlets world-wide including famed film critic Roger Ebert.

“Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques.” – Roger Ebert.

Through self-distribution, the BROKEN Special Edition DVD has also sold over 5000 units world-wide. Produced on a budget of $8000 and boasting over 100 vfx shots, BROKEN is one of the most celebrated shorts in recent years. 

 Alex Ferrari’s work runs from stunning live action to animation, from visually griping and stylish worlds to comic gems that will have you rolling on the floor. His body of work, highlighted by commercials spots for Comedy Central, a music video for the Three-Time Grammy Award Winning group Ozomatli (guest-starring Comedian Gabriel Iglesias), and the stylish Lipstick and Bullets, a compilation of your of his short film.

Being frustrated in seeing how his fellow filmmakers were being “chewed up” by the film business, Alex decided to start Indie Film Hustle, a website dedicated to educating filmmakers and artists on to survive and thrive in the film business. He also launched a podcast focusing on filmmaking called The Indie Film Hustle Podcast. Within three months of its start date the show became the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes.

Free Download Udemy’s Real Filmmaking Online: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film

Download Real Filmmaking Online: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film:

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