Sales Training: Value Based Selling

Sales Training Value Based Selling

Free Download Udemy Sales Training: Value Based Selling. With the help of this course you can Selling Value: Practical advice on how to close sales without using discount.

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What will I need?

  • Knowledge required: None! Just the desire to succeed in the world of sales.

Is this course right for me?

  • Anyone who wants to outsell their competition!

What am I going to learn?

  • Learn the sales skills, techniques and strategies to make you a top performing sales professional.

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Course: Sales Training Value Based Selling

It’s a very competitive market. Regardless of what you’re selling and the ability to separate yourself from everybody else is going to give you more trajectory towards closing more sales and earning more money and that’s exactly what my goal is for you to accomplish here. It’s all about inspiring what’s inside you by giving you content, so that it connects with you and gives you the ability to have more intelligent conversations. I want you working smarter, not harder. That’s the key to everything that I’m trying to give you as a shortcut because I am offering you information that has worked for me and what I know other successful salespeople have been using. That content that gives you the ability to also close more sales.

This course will separate you from the competition by first teaching you how to differentiate yourself. If you ever walked away from a deal thinking that you nailed it and then suddenly they’ve purchased from someone else or they’re not calling you back, or there’s something that’s amiss that you thought was really solid, that’s because you haven’t communicated your true value and what the value is that they are getting from your solution. Perhaps you haven’t shown that you’re the only solution that they should be considering and you end up being outsold by somebody else that’s shown that their solution is really the only thing that that buyer should be considering. So I want to share with you the techniques and skills and the strategy that gives you the ability to separate yourself from everybody else.

I want you to be a high level performer that absolutely surpasses your competition by incorporating the techniques that I’m going to share and not just learning them, but applying them. So make sure at the end of this course that you complete the exercises so that you start to focus on those milestones that you meet to be able to show that you’re moving forward progressively. Remember, it’s all about progression, not perfection. So just start to do some things a little bit differently that I’m about to share with you within this course and you will absolutely start to move yourself forward in sales and close more sales. So what are you going to learn? You’re going to learn how to differentiate yourself from your competition. You can learn how to actually set the criteria. So the person you talked to realizes is that you’re the only person that can offer them what they’re looking for.

You’re going to give them the ability to realize the value of what you’re bringing because you’re going to not just outsell the competition with your differentiation, but you’re going to have the ability with the information you’re about to learn to elevate your value and reinforce to your person you’re talking to that you’ve seen the bigger picture, and you may have enlightened them into something they hadn’t considered. When you start to do that, you start to increase the value and you start to attract people towards you because they realize you’re not just trying to sell them something, you’re thinking for them. That’s the key to selling. It’s all about focusing on the person you’re talking to and putting their interests first, above and beyond your own. They don’t care if you have a quota to reach, they don’t care if you’ve got commission that you must get, they don’t care if you have your own personal goals. I don’t care about anything that you’ve got. They care about themselves and make sure that you’re focusing on the fact that you’re supporting what they care about. You’re reinforcing that need. You enlighten them to something that may not considered, and then you’re showing them that you’re the only person that could actually offer them the solution to that need.

Free Download Udemy’s Sales Training: Value Based Selling


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