The Arabic case system (الإعراب)

Free Download Udemy The Arabic case system (الإعراب). With the help of this course you can Basic Arabic grammar for non-native students at A2 level.

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What will I need?

  • To finish A1 level in studying Arabic language.
  • To know the Arabic letters, basic words, short sentences.
  • To read and write basic Arabic words in a meaningful sentence.

Is this course right for me?

  • Non-native students learning the Arabic Language at A2 level.

What am I going to learn?

  • What do we mean by the Arabic Case System (u0627u0644u0625u0639u0631u0627u0628)?
  • Why is it important to know the u0625u0639u0631u0627u0628 of the words in the Arabic sentence?
  • How to identify the different functions of words in the Arabic sentence?
  • What is the difference between the location, the case, and the marking?
  • How to pronounce the case ending of each word in the sentence correctly?

This course is dedicated to getting acquainted to the basics of what we call “The Arabic case system” نظام الإعراب في اللغة العربية, which is very different from other languages like Latin, Russian or even the English Language. Such languages lack this case system in their grammar. This difference between the Arabic language and other languages makes it hard for non-native learners of Arabic language to get familiar with the grammatical system of the Arabic language.

Consequently, the focus here is targeted on how, generally speaking, non-native learners of Arabic can become accustomed to what we mean by a case system, and what its pillars and subitems are.

The course deals with nine basic grammatical functions for Arabic words in the sentence:

المبتدأ – الخبر – الفاعل – المفعول به – المضاف إليه – الصفة – المجرور بحرف الجر – المعطوف عليه – الظرف

Each function is explained in details in terms of:

– Location (الموقع الإعرابي)

– Case (مرفوع – منصوب – مجرور)

– Marking (الضمة – الفتحة – الكسرة).

Examples are selected carefully, and they are divided on the three levels, this is to say that each example reveals at the beginning the location of the word in the sentence, then its case, and finally its marking.

Free Download Udemy’s The Arabic case system (الإعراب)


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